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Thread: 12.10 Unusably Slow after Fresh Install

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    Exclamation 12.10 Unusably Slow after Fresh Install

    I had windows 7 and ubuntu 11.0 dual booted on a 320GB hdd and ran out of room. I pulled a 2TB hdd from an older computer (Not that old, I built it in Feb of 2010) and cloned the 320GB drive to the 2TB drive. Then I wiped the ubuntu partition and expanded the windows partition to take up about half the space with the intent to do a clean install of ubuntu 12.10 on the other half. After fighting with my motherboard (gigabyte motherboards apparently hate booting from USB, and I learned that 12.10 is too big for a CD, so I had to buy some DVDs)

    I finally booted it back up and installed. I had to fight the partition editor during installation, ended up with about 90gb of unusable space because it wouldn't let me make an extended partition to hold the swap space. Then it took absolutely forever to install, not sure how long because I had to go to bed, all I know is that it was at least 2 hours.

    This morning I tried to boot into the new installation but it took 30 minutes to go from turning the computer on to getting to the password screen. Took several minutes to enter the password. No clue how long it took to get from entering password to getting to a usable desktop because I had to go to work.

    I have seen other threads about how 12.10 is slow, but all that I've seen are from users trying to get by with a 10 year old CPU and 1gb of RAM, but this computer is not one of those, I have an AMD phenom X4 CPU and 16gb of RAM. I don't think it's the 2TB hdd because it worked fine in the older computer until I tried to update from 11.10 to 12.04 using the update, not a fresh install (it locked up during the update and I was forced to turn it off, must have messed up the MBR because it wouldn't boot up after that)

    I have done a fresh install of 12.10 on my laptop and it works flawlessly, but that isn't dual booted. The laptop is my oldest computer, with 1.6GHZ dual core CPU and 4GB RAM, so I don't understand why it's being so impossibly slow on my desktop. I don't know if I can even post any results from the command line because it might be too slow to use ( and I'm at work, so I can't get to the computer until tonight ).

    What should I do? Been using ubuntu for 5 years, I hate change.

    EDIT: My wife tried to boot into the windows partition, but grub won't let her use the arrow keys, she says none of the keys work and it won't even boot up the ubuntu install after she presses something. I asked her to try the live CD again, but hit Try Ubuntu instead of install. She says it works fine. I assume this means that most of my hardware can handle 12.10 ok, but something is wrong with what I have installed on the 2TB drive. Maybe the drive is going bad. How do I check that from the live CD?
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