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Thread: World of Warcraft private server with wine?

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    World of Warcraft private server with wine?

    Hello! As the title reads I am trying to get back on the World of Warcraft horse for the heck of it, and having spent the last eight hours trying VirtualBox with Windows Vista only to figure out that the drivers needed cannot be installed to be able to play the game and configuring/installing Wine and WoW itself, I am beginning to run out of patience and lust to figure it out... So I turn to more direct help!

    Has anyone tried this? Had any success? Comments or tips?


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    Re: World of Warcraft private server with wine?

    Yes World of Warcraft private server is easily doable. I have been playing World of Warcraft private servers for years using wine. I would stay away from player VS player servers as there are people that like to cheat. And they like to bother other players. I wont go into my experiences with that.
    Right now I’m using Wine 1.5.3 but what ever comes with Ubuntu should work fine. If your video card is a bit old I would recommend using the -opengl extension for better graphics and performance. For pre-cataclysm I play PVE DeathPod, everything works well with little to no lag. For Cataclysm I have been playing PVE Astralwow, buggy but playable.

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    Re: World of Warcraft private server with wine?

    I'm new to Ubuntu, but I love WoW. Do you think you could write a small tutorial?

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    Re: World of Warcraft private server with wine?

    From the forum code of conduct:
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