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Thread: Ubuntu Phone OS & Padfone 2

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    Ubuntu Phone OS & Padfone 2


    I was talking about the concept of a TRUE Ubuntu OS mobile device 6 months or so & the only thing in the pipeline was a Ubuntu app to run it as a desktop for the Android OS, which would have still been cool - except for the fact in the end it was still tied to google. And getting away from google is always a good thing, for privacy concerns. (REAL privacy)

    This is the concept that Ubuntu Phone OS brings to the table. You naysayers are not seeing the Vision here. The mobile is the desktop & th desktop is the mobile. Its now the same thing. Ubuntu Phone OS has created a full desktop experience in a tiny brain that that is pocket sized & can be plugged into larger devices to power them. Our mobile devices now have become full supercomputers. Everything else is like a mech warrior suit, enhancing its abilities.

    Watch the Ubunto Mobile video, your Tv, phone, tablet and computer are now one seamless system just with different arms.

    Then tonight I find out about the Padfone 1 & 2 and was totally blown away. I had no idea these even existed - and I'm a nerd. I guess being an apple fanboi with my iPad 2 & iPhone 4 I had blinders on even though I regularly would browse the electronics section anytime I was in a store.

    The Padfone is the next evolution in devices. The brain has become the smartphone you can slip into our pocket and take anywhere and dock it with modular devices such as tablets and monitors/keyboards for a larger experience. All seamless, connected and right in your pocket.

    I hope the good people at Canonical are working with Asus to modify the current Padfone 2 phone display for Ubuntus Mobile clean, buttonless concept to make the display large enough to take advantage of all of the real estate the Padfone phone has to offer.

    I'd love to sell my ipad2 & iPhone 4 for a Padfone 2 setup and put this on there. It will still be an amazing experience even though its not a true Ubuntu phone that is hopefully coming out later this year.

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