HI can anybody please, please help me??

Up in till recently I was running Ubuntu 9.10 exclusively on a old machine with a 800mhz cpu and 250mb ram and it served me very well in fact it ran much faster than my wife much newer windows laptop.

and here is my problem.. i recently started a photography business and built a new much more powerful pc:

AMD Bulldozer FX6100 cpu
8gig ram
ATI Radeon HD6670 graphics card

I did a 1st time install of the newly released Ubuntu 12.04 64bit and after the 1st boot i was greeted with error upon error then after much config editing to get the wifi working i just found it ran much slower than my old pc so was forced to install Windows 7 for work, well windows runs like a demon super fast and my cpu load rarely goes over 10% even when editing large photos.

i deleted ubuntu and reinstalled it inside windows and now it runs with less errors and the wifi works out of the box but its still painfully slow and just hangs all the time when just web browsing never mind trying to render 1080P video files

How can i fix it i want to run ubuntu and not windows. would 32bit be more stable??

thanks in advance and for reading the whole post