Hi, first post, very new to Ubuntu(Linux as a whole really) But I have had Ubuntu 12.10(64bit) installed for a little over a week now and am experiencing problems on boot up. When my computer is started up, I am greeted with the grub 2 screen, with the following options: Ubuntu,advanced options for Ubuntu, and the 2 different memory test. I beleave all my problems started with the installation of acidrip, and devede(both from the repository). I have since removed both of them(again via the repository). Everything seemed to uninstall fine so I did not note what the terminal kicked out. I can usually get into Ubuntu after selecting "Ubuntu" from that grub2 screen a couple of times after restarting.

I ran boot-repair per this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair and ended with the following URl http://paste.ubuntu.com/1503119/.

Im hoping this isn't hardware related but just in case

Intel core 2 extreme cpu
EVGA 790i ftw motherboard
4gb mushkin ram
EVGA GTX 260 grapthics card (not showing under All Settings then Details)
Intel 120gb SSD

(I may have missed something or other, will add if I remember)