Hi Folks,
I have tried unsuccessfully to use Ubuntu One Single Sign On service to login into my desktop, after creating a remote desktop.
1) Both my laptop and desktop are running Ubuntu 12.10
2) I created, as outlined in the article:
my remote desktop.
I did the bare bones and did not create credentials for Ubuntu One to store. ( i just give "name", the "server URL" (my local ip address (192.168 etc)) and I chose the rdp protocol.
I left my desktop in the signon screen state.
On my laptop I went to remote access, signed into Ubuntu One Single Signon. You get returned to the 'sign on' screen and I was able to "see" a login access for my desktop. However, when I tried to login, i get an 'invalid password' message.

Some questions:
How should I be leaving my destkop state?

When I try to sign in, I'm asked to provide "Domain", "User Name" and "Password". I skip the Domain, as I didn't set it as far as I know, and provide my normal "User Name" and "password" that I use to typically sign into my destkop. Should I be doing something different?

Is there any other software I need to run on my desktop?

Any help would be much appreciate.