I have been experiencing a strange problem on my Dell 14Z for about the last month. A lot of times when returning from Hibernation or simply when cold booting the laptop, I get a message stating no boot device found and then the laptop tries to PXE boot. Powering off and back on usually fixes the problem, but it is very annoying. The first few times this happened I freaked out thinking my HDD was failing. However, I have run multiple Dell Diagnostics tests, multiple short & long tests on the HDD with Seatools (Seagate HDD) and no problems are found. S.M.A.R.T. tests also pass from the Disk Utilities in Ubuntu. I did ome digging on the Dell site and found that the current BIOS version is A06 & my installed version was A03. There was also a Segate HDD firmware update that addressed an issue with HDD spin-up time. I thought this was most likely the culprit. So I installed WIN7 in a separate partition so that I could perform these two upgrades from within WIN7 (since there's no linux versions of these updates). Of course I had to re-install GRUB2 to get my sytem boot back to Ubuntu after killing the WIN7 partition. However, after all of this I still have the same issue randomly when booting up. So my question is this: The 14Z is less than a year old, does this sound like a possible hardware issue that I should get addressed with Dell ASAP? Does it sound like the MB/Controller or the HDD? I can't see the HDD being the issue since it passes all tests, and I can't see it being GRUB since the boot device is never found. Suggestions? Thanks.