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Thread: Compiz effects and Firefox windows focus issues

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    Compiz effects and Firefox windows focus issues

    I have a very annoying issue with multiple Firefox windows opened and Compiz effects:since I have an habit of keeping several Firefox windows opened at the same time (tipically,Firefox's main window,the bookmarks Library window,the cookie manager window,at minimum),I obviously keep the main window maximized and the others minimized,then,almost every time I try to maximize again one of those to check something,all minimized windows raise at once and overlay on the main window.
    For instance,if I am going to check the cookies,upon clicking on the cookie manager window in the task bar,all other Firefox windows currently minimized in the task bar (Library,Session manager window,other Firefox main browsing windows that I may have occasionally open) raise at once,not just the one I wanted to see.
    This is extremely annoying as you may imagine,I think it has to do with Compiz and its Focus & Raise Behaviour or maybe similar setting,so far however I haven't managed to tame this unwanted effect.
    There are so many hermetic settings in the Compiz manager that I wouldn't be surprised if the solution is buried somewhere else,under a name that does contain any reference to "focus" or the likes.
    I just hope that someone has a clue,at first I thought that I would eventually figure out how to fix this,but I've ben struggling with this stupid issue for months now and it's getting old,I have to get rid of this .

    Edit: these are the compiz packages I have installed


    Edit 2 : thinking of it,this is indeed a very specific Compiz issue (at least,as far as I understand),given that no replies have surfaced so far,maybe better to post in on the Compiz forum ?
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