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Thread: Ubuntu Phone os??

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    Ubuntu Phone os??

    In the video and the introduction page of ubuntu phone
    They both mentioned that the ubuntu phone just use Android drivers, and in the video, it also mentioned that it runs on Android kernel
    So I wanna ask, I've got a China dual core phone which us having the MT6577 chip set
    *the Thl w1+*
    This phone ain't open source yet and I don't think it will be
    I could use the VNC way to play around with ubuntu
    And I ain't a software coder at this moment
    Can I easily get the ubuntu phone os on my phone when it's released?
    Or conical just look for companies to sell ubuntu phone?
    And something more, anyone reading this think of having a dalvik emulator embeded on a ubuntu phone, so that ones with ubuntu phone can use Android apps
    let's discuss
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