I have a newly custom-built cpu that I successfully loaded with Ubuntu 12.10 and upgraded to the latest kernel. The OS works great, no issues whatsoever with booting or connecting with the wireless network. However, I am still needing to set up the drivers for some of the components.

It has an ASUS P8z77-V PRO motherboard installed and I am trying to utilize the Setup.exe from the MB Support CD in order to access the exclusive features of the MB. Of course, this motherboard/Setup is only “Windows 7 ready”. I have downloaded the “Wine Windows Program Loader” which has helped me to access some files on the MB Support CD, but the Setup.exe is still having error.

By clicking on the Setup.exe (or dragging into the Terminal and hitting Enter) an error message comes up:

! : “Can't Open Kernel Mode Driver ASUSHWIO.sys”

Clicking 'OK' :


Clicking 'OK':

-Support CD Setup...-
! : “Can't Load ASCDDMI.DLL”

I looked at the ASUS product support site and was not able to recognize the possible solution there. Wondering if I need to alter anything on the BIOS.

Is there a modification/command that grants the Setup.exe kernel access? Are there other Linux/Ubuntu programs that will help with operating Windows Software such as this?

Thanks to anyone who can offer a suggestion and/or a solution!