I bought a Dell Inspiron 14z (N411z) and the machine recognized every piece of hardware out of the box almost perfectly! The only real issue for me is that the touchpad isn't sensitive enough on the machine, to the point of missing some clicks, sometimes several clicks in a row until I finally tap the touchpad very hard (hard to be a touchpad, which should be sensible to taps for clicks). This issue drives me nuts because even though the touchpad of this laptop is known to suck it doesn't suck so bad on windows (on which it never misses a click).

Another issue with it is that it doesn't seem to be very fast even though I have the speed on maximum on the settings. I can live with this but maybe both issues are related to a faulty driver? Anyways, after scourging the web I wasn't able to find anything useful to this situation so I posted it here to see if I have a better luck.