It's going to be difficult to get users until phones come with the os pre-installed. People tend to use stock os which brings me to a few questions.

  • Will the ubuntu os "rom" have all drivers for all phones like the ubuntu desktop does? Or will there be multiple roms? A difficulty people are experiencing with changing os in phones at the moment is you will need a specific rom for a phone NO not the N-7800, the N-7800i because you are using the international version!! CRAP you bricked your phone! I'm guessing there will be one OS that is installable on any phone... but won't that end up being pretty big? :S
  • How will these get installed? Through repair or service mode? Will you need to install Clockwork Recovery to install onto the system flash?
  • Only for Android compatible phones or can we get iphones and replace the ios?

Changing Android roms is pretty annoying, I hope installing ubuntu is easy and NOT confusing. It would be nice if the create computer software (and maybe app software?) that installs it for you, I'd hate for this to seem like just a hack.