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Thread: Syncing Media files between main pc and media centre.

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    Syncing Media files between main pc and media centre.

    I posted this on the Raspberry Pi forum, but couldn't get a satisfactory answer so I thought I would try it here, as its related.

    I am running a Raspberry Pi as a media server with MiniDLNA
    On the Pi I have a SSD which contains the media files (destination).
    My Ubuntu main machine has the source media files.

    What I would like to do, is to sync my main PC (Linux / Ubuntu 12.04) with the Pi, so each time I add media to the main pc its sync'd to the PI's SSD (don't have to be real time, a cron at start up is fine).

    I thought this would be straight forward,
    I installed luckybackup on my ubuntu machine (front end for rsync).
    Now I have tried this 2 ways.
    First Samba, I created a samaba share on the Pi and mounted it on my main machine, all good but I coudn't get rsync to work, it gave me "rsync: failed to set permissions on "/media/SSDShare/.": Operation not permitted (1) "
    So thinking it wasn't able to obtain the right permissions I opted for the SSH route.
    Which took an age to get right, trying to setup password less login's and get the right permissions but I got there.
    Setup another task with Rsync but with SSH and this time I get.
    "rsync: failed to set times on "/home/shared/.": Operation not permitted (1) "
    I'm running this as myself, and I have permission (group) to that dir.

    Googling the above errors, tells me that rsync can't set timestamps ont he dirs, I've tried the -O and -a options but to no avail.

    Now luckybackup will not allow me to remove options "-tgo -p" if I unselect them and save, they come right back again.

    So I don't know, I've exhaused my knowledge and google, I just want the SSD on the PI to hold the same contents of my main pc's media, sounded simple, seems to prove impossible

    Can someone please point me in the right direction, I feel like I am stumbling around in the dark here.
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