i have been scratching my head for about a week now. i first tried to set up a home file server with remote connectivity using windows home server 2011 but it was way too buggy and i couldnt get remote access or the dashboard application to work. i heard about freenas but i want the ability to use my allready ntfs formatted drives that contain important backups and files so that was scrapped. and as far as ubuntu server goes im terrible at command line but it was moe useable than whs 2011. i have the system installed and i have configured it with ssh and samba. after configuring the system to have a static ip and open shared folders i cant access the folders on the server from win 7 or ubuntu though they are visible to me in the network folder of each os. i must have configured it wrong or left out permissions. the os is installed on a 160 gig hdd and i really need the option to access the 640 gig hard drive the 1tb drive and the 2tb drive in the machine but cant figure out what i have done wrong. i followed this post


but there is so much left out in the configuring of the machine that i was pretty much flying blind. i also used the ubuntu 12.04 LTS user guide listed here


i just want a simple file server set up, where i can store and access backups and file via my lan or remotely but like i stated previously i am flying blind here and have hit the "access denied' dead end. please help if possible and thank you in advance.