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Thread: I can't open the terminal in cinnamon

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    I can't open the terminal in cinnamon

    I can't open the terminal in cinnamon

    I installed cinnamon, but i can't open terminal using right click nor using ctlr-alt-t this is just an issue with cinnamon, why is that happening?

    I haven't configured anything, it's just installed, all i did is use nomodeset in the boot option and download the required drivers that mint and ubuntu tell you to download when you first install them

    i tried to solve the issue by installing zsh, i thought that it's an issue with the default terminal, but i can't open zsh either, the issue is in cinnamon i believe

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    Re: I can't open the terminal in cinnamon

    Cinnamon AFAIK has no terminal keybinding by default. How you set one is another matter, but you can access a terminal emulator from the menu or from the Alt-F2 dialog (you want the "x-terminal-emulator") command.

    Also, you can use Ctrl-Alt-F1 (F1-F6 work) to get to a virtual terminal. To get back to a GUI, press Ctrl-Alt-F7.

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