Hi all,

I setup the creation of a large truecrypt volume, selected filesystem type ext3, and let it run.

Once it got to 100% (some hours later) ,
as I was monitoring its progress, I wanted then to start working on the drive, however, while it had reached 100%, the gui still seemed like it was working (though the disk light was no longer flashing).

Assuming it was just a gui problem (mistakenly, I believe)
I clicked the cancel button... realizing only later that another window had opened up requesting the password.....
But I was tired ..... and didn't realize what was happening.... continued to cancel and close the application.

I Reopened, and attempting to open the new truecrypt volume resulted in the following message:

mount: you must specify the filesystem type

So, now, I am suspecting I did indeed interrupt something.

However, I then found an ubuntuforums thread, in which the poster had the same problem (for other reasons). I followed the advice given there, and ran something like:

mke2fs -j -m o /dev/loop0

This ran successfully, and I was then after able to open the truecrypt volume.

My question is:

I interrupting the process in the way I did, and creating the filesystem in the way I did,
Have I undermined the security truecrypt provides to that drive ... somehow created a vulnerability?