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Thread: Unable to boot to Windows 7 after 12.10 upgrade

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    Unable to boot to Windows 7 after 12.10 upgrade

    Hi everyone,

    I recently upgraded to 12.10 and can no longer boot into Windows 7. When I select the Windows 7 partition in grub I get "error: device format "ldm... invlaid: must be (f|h)dN, with 0<= N < 128" (... is a bunch of numbers and characters) then I press any key and get "a disk read error occured, press ctrl+alt+del to restart". I have done a little research and this bug seems to be similar to mine

    I have Ubuntu 12.04 on a usb that I can boot into for boot repair ("Workaround 3" in the above post), I just want to make sure that other people think that is a good idea, because I am fairly new to Ubuntu/grub. Thanks for any advice!
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