Hmmz. Ok, I'm starting to see a pattern here I don't particularly like with the latest Wine update.

After I updated Wine to version 1.5.20 today and afterwards my perfectly working Far Cry 2 failed to start. And coincidentally also my Deus Ex: HR refused to start.
When trying to install an older game that always used to work perfectly now also failed (Mass Effect 2)

I went to check the forums and lo and behold:

This problem with the latest wine seems to happen to people across all different kind of games.

So now I see problems with Eve online:

Check Sim city Deluxe SE:

And World of WarCraft:

So, Houston we definitely have a serious problem with the latest wine update.
So, stay away from it untill there's a solve announced.

And I especially don't like this myself since I had a gaming evening planned for now!!

Meanwhile, if anybody knows how to reverse to the previous version 1.5.19 I'd be very interested to know.