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Thread: Getting Lubuntu close to being a "gnome-classic" replacement

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    Getting Lubuntu close to being a "gnome-classic" replacement

    I've been working on this "on the side" and I'm definitely gaining ground, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words:

    Screenshot - 12292012 - 03:59:30 PM.jpg

    Screenshot - 12292012 - 04:01:06 PM.jpg

    Screenshot - 12292012 - 04:02:50 PM.jpg

    Screenshot - 12292012 - 04:05:02 PM.jpg

    Caffeine works just as well as the old 'gnome-inhibit-applet' to control 'xscreensaver', and some people don't like the limitations of 'gnome-screensaver' now anyway.

    I managed to get the "indicator-applet" to display cpu/system temps, but I need to rinse-n-repeat a few times before I can document how I did it.

    The Clearlooks theme is easy to modify so it's fairly easy to get things to look quite "gnome-2-ish"

    But there are a few minor frustrations ......... mostly just a matter of me needing to spend some time figuring out the LXDE and PCManFM config file structures, but there is absolutely no need for anyone to fear that the old desktop paradigm is dying

    NOTE: This is a "mash-up" of both Quantal and Raring packages because some things are not yet available in Raring

    BTW I'm sure that others will prefer Xubuntu/Xfce and that's just fine.
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