So I just got a new Asus U47A laptop running windows 8. I booted a live cd of Blackbuntu which is just a 64bit ubuntu 10.10 release with some pentesting tools cooked in.

Booting live had no problems except there was no wireless drivers, and it installed along the windows 8 partition on the data partition (there are 2 recovery partitions, a boot partition, the system partition, and the data partition) Then after install there was the blackbuntu partition added with a linux swapfs partition and another boot partition with grub2.

But when the installation finished and I restarted instead of getting a grub menu it just booted into windows 8 like nothing happened. I ran ubuntu secure remix and ran boot-repair and I got some message that said add repository that has UEFI to the ubuntu 10.10 partition on sda8 or something..then I got a print out for you all to look at

I just want to be able to boot the grub and have it recognize win8 and any other distro I install.