Hello everyone, wanted to see if anyone else here has come across this while trying to do some gaming under Ubuntu.

I've got the aforementioned card in my laptop and I'm finding that I'm unable to get upto proper frequency speed while gaming. No matter what's done (trying to OC the clock to the proper frequency, playing the game itself) the system or driver will not allow the graphics processor to get up. I've run it under Windows and by default, the machine sounds like a harrier trying to take off when under load.

I don't get that under Ubuntu.

So, I've checked over the net and the best I've found is threads started, and some mentioning lines in xorg.conf.d that should be put in, but that has not worked.

Symptoms of the problem:

The card has four levels in the PowerMizer menu. Out of 0 to 3, it only goes to 1, which is a 275 mhz graphics clock, 301 mhz memory clock and 550 processor clock.

No issues when running Unity, but the only reason I've noticed this is because I wanted to start playing games on this laptop.

Checked on my desktop running 12.10 with twin 9800 GTX+, but there's only two performance levels showing on that nvidia panel.

One thing I'd like to check into is to see what the card thinks it's default frequencies should be. I have yet to find a way to do so.

If anyone has any information or tips on this they would be greatly appreciated!