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Thread: cannot print w/ hp 1102w

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    cannot print w/ hp 1102w

    i recently updated from 10.04 to 12.04 and can no longer print. i've spent the last three hours browsing/troubleshooting, but nothing is working.

    i've followed about a half dozen strategies for solving this, and would appreciate any help. i know its impossible for you guys to help without details, but i'm not sure what info to give or where to find it.

    i have reinstalled cups. when i tried to reinstall the hp driver the wizard didn't seem able to find the printer. when i open the "job attributes" window, the "job-printer-state-message" says "/usr/lib/cups/backend/hp failed".

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    Re: cannot print w/ hp 1102w

    Assuming that your upgrade went smooth, otherwise; I would suggest that you completely remove and reinstall 'hplip'. Also delete any hplip and cups (dot).files you may be having. Then search for any remaining 'hp' in your 'file system' using

    $ sudo nautilus
    and delete them, if you find any.

    Then check for Repositories using Synaptic and see if you have all the requisite repositories/sources enabled. If you are in doubt use this online tool to regenerate the repos, copy/paste the generated 'sources' into /etc/apt/sources.list using:
    $sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
    (You may have to enable 'Universe', 'Multiverse' and 'Backports' sources ).

    Then 'apt-get update'.

    Having satisfied yourself, you can move on to reinstall 'hplip' and 'hplip-gui'. (use Synaptic to see if cups or hp backend is installed). Make sure your printer is switched on and connected before you run the hplip-gui/ device manager.
    You must also set your printer as 'default printer' from System Settings- Printers.
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    Re: cannot print w/ hp 1102w

    Hopefully not reviving a dead thread...

    I just got a p1102w today. Had issues at first with 12.04 where it just wouldn't print. I just opened a terminal, ran
    hp-plugin -i
    It ran, until it couldn't find the firmware in /usr/share/hplip/data/firmware. It turns out it that the firware file is incorrectly named hp_laserjet_professional_p1102w.fw.gz when it should be named hp_laserjet_professional_p_1102w.fw.gz (notice the underscore after the "p"). Once I renamed the file, everything loaded correctly after running
    hp-plugin -i
    again. Now it prints just like it should.

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