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Thread: VMWare: Taskbars broken? [Floppy error]

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    Question VMWare: Taskbars broken? [Floppy error]

    Hi! Newbie question, I think. I have Windows 7 (x86) and I'm installing Ubuntu (12.04) in VMware and at first it gave me a floppy mounting error... so I created an image and reinstalled the OS. After it reinstalled it didn't give me an error, but the OS is still virtually unusable. I can log in fine, I can see the background but I can't see the taskbars and pressing alt + f2 shows a black screen and flickers the background.

    There's a broken image for the left side of the taskbar, and I can still use the drop down menus at the top.

    Is it a virtualization issue or a driver issue? I can't manage to open the terminal or any application beyond libreoffice/firefox :\

    also, I don't know what I opened by randomly clicking around but I got error too. Halp? D:
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