Hello, im new to this forum and pretty green as far as Ubuntu goes. I loaded a 12.1 unto an old deskptop i dusted off in the basement for a little fun when i have time. Mainly for multi media. Everything installed fine.
However, my system was running Really slow. I thought it was the memory. after checking requirements, i determined I was fine. then i realized that my Graphics driver showed it was "unknown". That led me to multiple web searches with no results.
if i could get some guidance on how I can find out my specific graphics model, where to find a driver for it and how to install it I would be greatly appreciative.
Here are my computer specs:

Dell Dimension E310-dv051
993.3 MiB
Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GH x 2

If I have missed this thread elsewhere I apologize in advance and would love a link to the solved thread.

Thank You.