So here is my dilemma. I got a new laptop with Windows 7, and fairly easily set it up to dual-boot Windows and Fedora (Grub2 as bootloader). However, I am having much trouble getting Fedora to recognize my wireless card, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), and eventually decided that Fedora was more trouble than it was worth and decided to install Xubuntu instead.

Booting into live environment worked fine and I confirmed that Xubuntu does indeed recognize the card, Bluetooth and all. But the installer did not seem to recognize Fedora in the main options and only gave me the options to either install Xubuntu alongside Windows 7 or instead of Windows 7, i.e. only on the one half-the-hard drive partition. I selected to install to half of the half-the-hard drive partition and it gave me an error. Next I went into the advanced settings and saw that the Fedora partitions (3: one swap, one large home, and one smaller either root or boot, I forget which.) were recognized.

I was going to set the home one as my main Xubuntu partition and the swap as swap and try to delete the other one later, but I am not sure if there is a better way. Is there any kind of way to fix this up such that I have Xubuntu and Windows together, each with half the hard drive and GRUB recognizing both without reinstalling Windows?

Sorry for the wall of text and thanks in advance!