I was trying to install Lamp so that I could practice PHP on Ubuntu. I went to this site:

Install lamp in one command

I only made it up to the second step or so. When I ran tasksel, I only selected Lamp from the menu and continued. While it was installing stuff, I noticed that it began uninstalling things like my games and my browser. I thought that it was about uninstall everything and only have Lamp installed so I panicked and did a hard shutdown in the middle of the setup. Now when I try to run Ubuntu from the boot menu, all I get is a black screen.

I am dual booting 12.04 and Windows XP. Windows seems to work just fine.

Is there anyway to recover my Ubuntu? I can still access the command line on the blank screen (Ctrl + Alt + F2) so I still do command line things, but I'm not sure what I can do. As far as I can see, my documents are still there.

Can anyone help me out here?