I have sort of a special problem with the bluetooth in my new notebook, let me explain.

I am not completely sure whether or not a bluetooth module is even installed!


  • The notebook is a certain version built for the local store and they say no bluetooth..however they had wrong data on their websites before
  • lshw and lsusb as well as lspci do not see a bluetooth module


  • dmidecode sees a bluetooth module
  • the kernel modul "bluetooth" is loaded on boot and the icon shows up
  • Asus says it is an option for this notebook and they offer drivers for windows on the website
  • dmesg starts up bluetooth on booting..but does not mention any hardware specifically

However if bluetooth is installed it would be the AR3011 from Atheros.

Can someone tell me how to find out if there is even a bluetooth module installed and if yes: how can I get it working on my Ubuntu 12.10?

Thank you very much!