I tried to install Kubuntu 13.04 with the images from the last 3 days (including today). The problem is that the installation hangs on the partitioner: as soon as a click continue (on the initial screen where you can select whether include or not proprietary software or download updates) the system hangs (it never gets to the next screen).

So I tried Ubuntu Server 13.04 and tried a cli.
I get the same problem: after the first selections, when it's supposed to load the partitioner, the system hands (it never gets there).

I have 3 hard disks (1 ssd and 2 traditional ones).
I have a cpu intel i5- sandy bridge and a gtx 480 with 32gb of ddr3.
The system works fine while installing xubuntu 12.10 or ubuntu server 12.04.1

Any ideas/suggestions about what could be the isue?