Hi There,

I am running mythbuntu 12.04 and just installed a GeForce 210 video card in my HTPC. Mythbuntu recognized the card and installed the default driver. Everything worked except audio over HDMI.

I decided to upgrade to the recommended proprietary driver. This actually is not the current Nvidia released driver, but an older version.

I now have sound over the HDMI cable (had to do other things for this as well), however the desktop is not correctly scaled. The Nvidia X Server Settings app properly reports my Samsung 42 inch Plasma display and its correct 1280x720 resolution.

I also updated to the "updated" version of the recommended driver through the "Additional Drivers" app and the current version is 304.43.

But no help on scaling. By this I mean that the desktop does not fit my TV (or tightVNC) and all applications are launched as very large windows, often off the edges of the visible part of the desktop. But without scrolling.

MythTV does scale correctly and videos are displayed correctly.

I have other kinds of problems, like with MySQL, so proper scaling makes debugging MythTV much easier.

Any help with this problem would be appreciated.

Thanks you,