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Thread: Arsenal Cadet Gear USB headset in 12.04

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    Arsenal Cadet Gear USB headset in 12.04


    I am not sure if this was stupid or I was sold a line at the game store, but in my search for a USB headset I bought an Arsenal Cadet Gear Gamer Headset PSF1. Yes, I know-- it's a PS3 headset. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 on an HP Mini 110.

    Although I normally use XFCE, it was tricky trying to follow the instruction flow for things like the Logitech headsets, so I switched to Unity. Which was good, because I went from nothing working, to the headphones working. =D>

    Unfortunately, with the microphone-- I got nothing.

    My question is why? I've gone into alsamixer, and maxed all the settings and the USB settings except for "Auto Gain Control", which stays at "00" no matter what I do.

    Any ideas? Or even recommendations on a different headset? (Though I really don't want to fight for a refund on this if I don't have to....)
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