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Thread: Headphone jack issues?

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    Headphone jack issues?

    Hi, I seem to be having issues with the headphone jack configuration on my Asus K55A notebook. I've looked around launchpad and found many threads telling me it's something to do with the alsa-mixer configuration, but I get lost in the technical jargon. My speakers work fine and the sound settings detect when i plug/unplug my headphones into the jack, but won't play through them. Before you ask, I'm currently using the very same headphones to listen to music on my phone. I did find this thread but it seems to be very device specific, and a dead thread anyway. I'd like to learn a little about Ubuntu in the process, mainly so I don't have to spend hours searching for a fix to something i took for granted while running Windows. I ran the script posted on that page, came up with this link
    Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Headphone jack issues?

    Hi! I also have some issues with the speaker.
    Can you give more info about your problems?

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