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Thread: vostro 3560 and intel 2230

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    vostro 3560 and intel 2230


    I have Dell Vostro 3560 with intel 2230 wifi.
    I have problem with connection when i am working on battery, on ac everything is ok.
    When i use notebook on battery, ping to my gateway rises to 500-800ms. When i plug in ac power, ping is 1-2 ms. I try load module with 11n_disable=1 or bt_coex_active=N, but that didn't work.

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    Re: vostro 3560 and intel 2230

    It could be related to wifi power managment turned on when on battery. Check if it's on, by running iwconfig, and if it is, run
    sudo iwconfig eth1 power off
    ...assuming eth1 is the wireless interface.


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