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Thread: Associating Azureus (Vuze) with magnet protocol for Chrome

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    Associating Azureus (Vuze) with magnet protocol for Chrome

    What is the correct method to associate Magnet links in Chrome with Azureus, in KDE? I've tried in vain to try creating a .desktop file in /usr/share/services with the name azureus.desktop, then tried running:

    xdg-mime default azureus.desktop x-scheme-handler/magnet
    Also tried with /usr/share/applications/azureus.desktop:

    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Download and share files using the BitTorrent P2P network
    Exec=/usr/bin/vuze %U
    GenericName=BitTorrent client
    Nothing seems to work. I've also read that I could create a .protocol file to do this. However I couldnt understand how to.

    How can I get magnet torrent links to properly open up in Vuze? Ktorrent opens them by default fine. However I cant find a new .protocol file created, or a .desktop file with the correct info for ktorrent.

    OS: Debain Squeeze (However this problem seems to be a KDE thing and could be found in Archlinux/Ubuntu/SUSE forums)

    I've found that Firefox handles magnet links internally, however Chrome/Chromium leaves it to the OS and hence we've got to configure it ourselves.
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    Re: Associating Azureus (Vuze) with magnet protocol for Chrome

    Forgive me for bumping up this topic.

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