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Thread: Simultaneous play

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    Simultaneous play

    Hi all.
    To begin, I must insist that I have no problem in using a number of audio players at the same time to get the effect I'm looking for.

    That being cleared, doing it that way clearly isn't the most efficient. So I wonder if there exist, somewhere, an audio player which would allow me to start and stop any random number of soundtracks. Ideally, I could decide to loop (or to stop to loop) any one of those tracks, and to start or stop them individually whenever I want.

    The idea is to be able to do what the following page does without having to be on the web.


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    Re: Simultaneous play

    Do you only want 1 audio player instance running? Because VLC can run multiple instances and doesn't clog up your screen. And I believe you can also run it through CLI so you never have to look at it.

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