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    Question Compiz Standalone Help

    So I want to set up a compiz standalone desktop with gnome pie, gnome do, cairo dock, and conky. I've tried to follow the wiki instructions and the instructions at the webupd8 site, and I have a session I can boot into, but I still have a few problems.

    - even with gnome-settings-daemon enabled, I have a blank (black) desktop with no apparent way to change the background
    - cairo-dock has a black box around it, and I'm fairly sure compositing is enabled, but I'm not sure how to check.
    - none of my windows have borders or title bars.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Compiz Standalone Help

    a bit late to help you but you can enable compositing using ccsm

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    Re: Compiz Standalone Help

    Hello and Welcome

    Did you have a proprietary graphics driver installed prior to installing the Compiz session ?

    I tried the Cairo Dock stand alone on 11.10 and it worked fine but required a proprietary driver. I don't know if we are writing about the same thing.
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