In 11.04 before it went EOL, jpilot was working very well with my Handspring Visor. When I was informed 11.04 wasa EOL, I debated and made the upgrade.

Now, jpilot will only sync with my Visor if I invoke jpilot from CL with "sudo". Jpilot will not read those files that have been synced now, until I chown all the files in .jpilot back to my user name, since they all get changed to root ownership.

While this works, it is exceptionally awkward. The pilot-link commands all work well, and again, only with "sudo" invocation.

I had massive permissions problems when I tried 12.04 on introduction, and returned to 11.04 for that reason. It now appears that permissions are still my problem, and I haven't a clue to even know where to start to iron out the permissions/ownership issues.

I have been using Ubuntu since Breezy, but still am a noob on many things.