I am trying to use the Ubuntu 12.10 Secure Remix to install Ubuntu on a Lenovo Ideapad Y500. My goal was to install a dual boot option alongside Windows 8. This was my first attempt at installing Ubuntu in a UEFI configuration.

After creating the bootable USB stick, I disabled the Secure Boot option in the BIOS.

I was able to boot from the USB stick and got the GRUB menu. Both the installation and boot w/o installation options resulted in a blank screen.

During the next boot attempt I used the "e" option to edit the kernel boot parameters.

Removing "quiet splash" and adding "text" I hoped to see text command line interface. Instead it seemed that the text output was compressed in the top 1/6th of the screen, rendering it unreadable.

Unfortunately, without a command line interface I don't have many options. Anybody had similar results on a Lenovo Ideapad Y500?