Alright, here's the issue. I've been, on and off, been spending the last week and a half trying to get Star Wars: KoTOR (Which I have in four separate .ISO files, as it was an old backup of mine) to play on my Linux PC. Along the way, I've been faced with a lot of issues, from Wine completely refusing to work to, once I got the game working, being plagued with a horrible graphics glitch that removed all the textures, rendered everything matte grey, and reduced all the text to blue bars. This made playing the game fairly difficult, as you might guess. My first solution to this was to just re-burn the files onto separate DVDs, but neither AcetoneISO nor XFburn was able to recognize my disk drive/CDRom/whatever, and thus wouldn't burn the files to disk. So now, it seems my only option is to see if I can run them through PlayOnLinux with the separate .ISO files. So far, no luck. So I'm curious; is there any way I can do this? Or am I completely and utterly doomed, here? If anyone has any advice at all, please, PLEASE help.