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    Re: Mint 14 KDE Edition

    I was not trying to be distro specific in my original post. There were just some things about the Mint KDE edition that really caught my eye.

    I was really nice seeing so many positive comments about KDE. With so many choices available these days it really takes some time to find what you really want and what features you can have. I have used Kubuntu in the past as well as Mepis and PCLinuxOS. Kubuntu and Mint 14 KDE just seemed to have the best default fonts and I really liked how the maintainer of the Mint KDE edition went with the original folder icons that I like.

    KDE 4.9.4 has been a very good experience for me. Regardless of what particular distribution you are running KDE on I also notice that I do not see many people having very many problems with it. Kwin really works well with the ATI drivers on my laptop and I tried a lot of different desktop environments to find something that worked really well with it's hardware.

    I am really looking forward to the next KDE release and have been keeping an eye on the 13.04 section of the Kubuntu forums to see how things are going. It looks like indexing is being concentrated on in KDE 4.10.0 and it has been a concern to many for a while now. It looks like 4.10.0 is going to see some improvement in memory use as a result. People have said that KDE is a resource hog but I honestly am not seeing this to be true. KDE uses about the same memory footprint as Unity and for a full featured desktop environment this seems acceptable to me.

    I look forward to other peoples comments on KDE, this turned out to be a very nice discussion. With so many things changing with desktop environments, it's nice to see that the KDE developers are doing a good job at giving us the things we really want and making things easy to configure. I find that I really like having that element of control over my desktop back and KDE has been rock solid.
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