I haven't gotten anything from Absolute beginners forum so I thought I would try here.

This is what I posted:

Ubuntu 11.10

Just bought a logitech c310 camera. I have installed Cheese and know that my camera does work. The problem is that when I turn on the camera it works but when I turn it off or try to connect to it from a website, the rest of the usb ports shut off. I notice this because my wireless usb shuts down and I get no internet.

After trying to reopen the camera Cheese says there is no device and my wireless internet usb will not work either. I have to reboot just to have the usb port recognize the wireless adapter and the camera.

Every time I try to turn on webcam it works. I then turn off the cam and it shuts down all usb ports. Maybe the usb port power management is screwy but I don't know how to change those settings.

Please help and Thank You!!!

I should add as well that my sound drivers seem to disable when before they did not. I can usually refresh it with 'sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload' but if that doesn't work I have to reboot it all.