Hi guys,

I downloaded the Ubuntu Studio 12.10 iso torrent and burnt it on DVD. My bios is setup to boot from Cd/DVD drive first. When PC is attempting to boot it reads the Ubuntu Studio dvd and then the screen just remains blank with a blinking cursor on the upper left corner. It remains there indefinitely until I switch off the pc.
I tried to boot from different pc systems nothing happens. I tried the wubi.exe in windows wubi doesn't execute.

I attempted a usb install using a bootable usb drive with unetbootin that is not success as well. Instead it brings me to a command prompt initramfs.

I tried on every pc and laptop both dvd and usb they do the same thing as above.

Now I'm testing the usb from a pc with an ECS G31T-M7 REV 1.0 motherboard.

Someone please help, I couldn't have downloaded 2 gig of Ubuntu Studio data for nothing.

Thanks for helpinh in advance.