I have a setup that consists of a laptop that sits on a desk and then is connected to a 2nd AOC 22' monitor. My monitors were both working fine until one day I decided to bring my laptop over to a friends house for a day. I unplugged my laptop from my second monitor. Then I brung my laptop over to my friends house for one day. I didn't really do much on it except browse the web for awhile like use facebook.. Then I came back and plugged everything back in like usb, monitor , etc. And now my 2nd monitor isn't working correctly. As in, it gives me an incorrect resolution on both windows and linux. On windows it doesn't like detect the driver and calls my monitor "Generic Non PnP" instead of what it used to say like "AOC22**" On linux it selects like a blurry resolution 1600 x 1200 ive tried all of them and they are all bad