Glad that I found this thread....

I need some help getting Lubuntu to run on a MAC PowerPC Powerbook G4 laptop. Here are the specs: PPC 1.5Ghz, 12" screen, 1.25Gb Ram, 60Gb HD, NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 with 64MB of DDR SDRAM.

Lubuntu 12.10 installs, but glitches at the login screen. I can not see how to log in, and can not get to a command prompt to try to fix it. I am a somewhat noob on Linux stuff, but am willing to learn. After reading this thread I will try to install or run Lubuntu 12.04 as listed with the above settings. Also, I am assuming that this is the correct image to be using:

At the moment I have Ubuntu 10.4 installed and is working fine for the most part. The fans are constantly running, and it didn't always do that on the early versions of OSX (10.3).

Honestly I just want something that will be more efficient for my older Mac as I was running OSX 10.5.3, and it was SLOW and the hard drive was constantly running the swap file!

Thanks to everyone who has helped the OP, hopefully it will get my system running. I really love this little MAC of mine (purchased in 2005), and am happy that it will still work well for me going forward.