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Thread: Conky won't load

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    Conky won't load

    I installed conky, but never used it before. There may be a step I am missing as the Infinity desktop is not loading. I am working in Ubuntu 12.10.

    I have the .conkyrc file and the .conky folder in home/username. I have sh ~/.conky/ in Startup Applications. The contents of .conkyrc are below. I thought it was to start .lua which is also in home/username, but apparently it is not. What should I try?

    Contents of .conkyrc

    # Conky settings #
    background yes
    update_interval 1

    cpu_avg_samples 2
    net_avg_samples 2

    override_utf8_locale yes

    double_buffer yes
    no_buffers yes

    text_buffer_size 2048
    #imlib_cache_size 0

    temperature_unit fahrenheit

    # Window specifications #

    own_window yes
    own_window_type override
    own_window_transparent yes
    own_window_hints undecorate,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager,below

    border_inner_margin 0
    border_outer_margin 0

    ## This Resolution is set according to the sreen resolution of 1366x768
    ## Adjust Accoring to yours

    minimum_size 1366 560
    maximum_width 1366

    alignment tr
    gap_x 10
    gap_y 55

    # Graphics settings #
    draw_shades no
    draw_outline no
    draw_borders no
    draw_graph_borders no

    # Text settings #
    use_xft yes
    xftfont caviar dreams:size=8
    xftalpha 0.5

    uppercase no

    temperature_unit celsius

    default_color FFFFFF

    # Lua Load #
    lua_load ~/.lua/scripts/haunted.lua
    lua_draw_hook_pre clock_rings

    ## Adjust these fields according to the your screen size i have modded them for 1366X768

    ${offset 700}${color EAEAEA}${font GE Inspiraixelsize=120}${time %H:%M}${font}${voffset -84}${voffset 10}${color FFA300}${font GE Inspiraixelsize=42}${time %d} ${voffset -15}${color EAEAEA}${font GE Inspiraixelsize=22}${time %B} ${time %Y}${font}${voffset 124}${font GE Inspiraixelsize=58}${offset -800}${time %A}${font}
    ${offset 720}${voffset -100}${font Ubuntuixelsize=10}${color FFA300}HD ${offset 9}$color${fs_free /} / ${fs_size /}${offset 30}${color FFA300}RAM ${offset 9}$color$mem / $memmax${offset 30}${color FFA300}CPU ${offset 9}$color${cpu cpu0}%
    ${voffset 10}${offset 270}${color 2c2c2c}${hr 4}
    ${image ~/.conky/rev-eng.png}

    ${offset 130}${voffset 222}${font Santana:size=9:style=Bold}root : ${font Santana:size=9}${fs_used /}/${fs_size /}
    ${offset 130}${voffset 10}${font Santana:size=9:style=Bold}home: ${font Santana:size=9}${fs_used /home}/${fs_size /home}$font
    ${offset 120}${voffset 12}${color ffffff}${font Santana:size=9:style=Bold}swap: ${font Santana:size=8} ${swap} / ${swapfree}$font
    ${offset 570}${voffset -110} ${color EAEAEA}Linux ${kernel} kernel
    ${offset 570}${voffset 5} Uptime :${uptime}
    ${offset 825}${voffset -80}${color ffffff}${font Santana:size=10:style=Bold}${exec whoami}@${nodename}
    ${offset 825}${voffset 0}${color ffffff}${font Santana:size=8}${top name 5} ${top mem 5}
    ${offset 680}${voffset 130}${color ffffff}${font Santana:size=8}IP Address :${addr wlan0}
    ${offset 705}${voffset 10}${color ffffff}${font Santana:size=8}Down :${downspeed wlan0} k/s ${offset 8}Up:${upspeed wlan0} k/s
    ${offset 703}${voffset 10}${color ffffff}${font Santana:size=8}TCP Connections: ${tcp_portmon 1 65535 count}
    ${offset 680}${voffset 10}${color ffffff}${font Santana:size=8}Speed Graph :
    ${offset 680}${voffset -10}${color ffffff}${font Santana:size=8}${color #000000}${downspeedgraph wlan0 32,150 000000 ffffff} ${color #000000}${upspeedgraph wlan0 32,150 000000 ffffff}

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    Re: Conky won't load

    Quote Originally Posted by vcell View Post
    # Lua Load #
    lua_load ~/.lua/scripts/haunted.lua
    lua_draw_hook_pre clock_rings
    Firstly it would be appreciated if you could use the code tags for similar posts in future as it assists in readability.
    That said I have quoted the path that conky is expecting your lua scripts to be in. You might check that this is where they are located, and if not amend the path accordingly. Check the filenames are also correct.

    You can also start conky from a terminal with;
    conky -c <path/to/your/conkyrc>
    and check for any startup errors listed.


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