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Thread: 12.04 to 12.10 sound cutoff too high.

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    Cool 12.04 to 12.10 sound cutoff too high.

    I've just upgraded from 12.04 to 12.10, and I can no longer play music (or sound, I guess) quietly.

    I used to be able to have the volume all the way down, one step up from the very bottom, and sound would come from the speakers or headphones at an appropriately low level. But now it doesn't come out at all.

    See the attached pic to see how high it has to be before sound comes out. If it goes one more pixel to the left, the sound is basically muted.
    When the sound is at the level shown, it's about as loud as you'd expect, so it's not like the whole scale has just gone super quiet. For some reason, just the left portion has now decided that it's below the threshold to even bother making sound.

    I hope I'm explaining this sufficiently.

    As I said, I can no longer have sound on at a low level. It's either (effectively) muted or at a moderate-medium level (or higher, no issues on the right side of the scale).

    Is this a known bug of 12.10? Everything worked fine in 12.04
    Is there a fix?
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