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Normally when a channels.conf has been imported and scanned, the channels populate in the database. Channels populate in the database and are visible in Channel Editor under the Video Source that was bound to the tuner in Input Connections before the scan was performed. So ... it hadn't occurred to me to ask: did you set up a Video Source (in Video Sources) specifically for your cable digital, which Video Source you could call "QAM" (or whatever) and which you bound to your tuner in Input Connections prior to undergoing the scanning process? The Video Source does not need to have a listings "grabber" set --that can be set up later. The Video Source is like the holding container for all the channel information that is found through a scan or in a channels.conf, information that is later editable with the Channel Editor.
We did set up the video source for our QAM 256 and then bound that to our input connections. But just to be sure, we deleted that and did it all over again...same issue

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If all else has failed, you should be able to add a digital channel manually to your digital Video Source by using "add channel" in the Channel Editor. You say you've tried this. The add channel brings up a multi-page form: one p. 1, name, callsign, and channel number can be whatever you choose, click through p. 2, and on p. 3 you can add the scanned frequency from your channels.conf information to the line "frequency or channel" and finish. If you absolutely cannot import channels.conf data by the usual method, then you may wish to test a manual channel add with one of your 13 ATSC channels identified by w_scan in your channels.conf. If this channel can be added in Channel Editor to your digital Video Source, set as a startup channel in Input Connections, the mythtv-setup info saved, the mythbackend started, and finally mythfrontend started, you should be able to tune this channel in livetv.
We entered all 13 channels manually. But in doing so we only had 2 pages...there was never a 3rd page option to add in a line about "frequency or channel". But in hopes that it would work we set up a startup channel, saved the info, started the backend and then started the front end....we got an error "failed to connect to mythtv backend server"

Thinking that maybe we forgot to start the backend we typed "/usr/bin/mythbackend" and a whole slew of errors followed...I think I found the problem
The errors all started after:
mythbackend: Problem with capture cards: Card 1failed init
ERROR: no valid capture cards are defined in the database.
mythbackend: No capture cards are defined: Please run the setup program.

But when I go into the backend and look under capture card everything is still there and I believe it is working. But then again, I have no idea how to check if it truly is.

Thanks everyone for all your help. I must say this has been a very frustrating experience for my husband and I and we couldn't do it without your help.