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Thanks for your update. This is very odd.

Sometimes if the stream being recorded is a little glitchy (like if maybe your antenna or cabling or general reception are dodgy) mythtv will stop recording, or alternatively the frontend will not play back past a particular glitch.

If it had stoppped recording early I would say it was the backend giving up due to glitches, and there would be something in the logs.

Can you try playing a recording in another player like vlc or mplayer that might be a bit more tolerant of a glitch in the recording? See if there is anything on the end that myth's frontend is missing?

What sort of tuners do you have? And is it recording a digital transmission or analogue? Cable or OTA?
nickrout, thanks for your responses.

I have the Hauppauge HVR-2250 dual tuner card and am watching digital transmissions OTA. I live in the US.

I know what you mean about the glitches shortening the recording. That has happened to me before on other stations where the signal is much weaker. This particular station has its tower only a few miles from my home so the signal is very strong and there aren't any glitches that show up at all. I tried playing the video file in vlc and it stops at the same point as the Myth frontend.

I pulled up this episode online on cbs.com to see what I missed. Not only does the recording end early but it also starts late. I missed about 2:20 of the beginning of the episode and the last 1:00. I don't know if the network was running early that night, but if myth backend actually started recording when it was supposed to that would mean the network was ahead of schedule by 3:30 because it is set to start a minute early. I know they aren't always exactly on time, but my experience has always been that they are within a minute so I'm not sure that that is likely. It looks like the recording both started later than it was supposed to and ended earlier.

To be fair, this doesn't really happen very often. Actually, the last few updates seemed to have cut down on the number of times it happens.

I still find it strange though that some recordings are almost 31 mins and others are almost 30. (Obviously, it doesn't really matter that much because either way the whole show is recorded.) As an example, I have a recording rule set up to record all Family Guy episodes. Yesterday, there were two that came on (both on the same network) and one recorded for 29:57 and the other for 30:55. So the same rule, but different recording times. The 29:57 is probably perfect because it takes the tuner a second or two to lock on the channel. The extra minute on the other recording though is still unexplained.