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Thread: Problems with Ubuntu 12.x - Computer locks on lid close

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    Problems with Ubuntu 12.x - Computer locks on lid close

    I have reverted back to 11.10 because of issues I had with 12.10.

    I have a Dell Studio 1550 and Ubuntu has been great all the way up to 11.10 then I started having problems.

    With 11.04 and 12.04 if I close the lid the computer locks up. Even though I set the close lid action to DO NOTHING. It doesn't hibernate or suspend it just locks up.

    I was ok with that with 12.04 and since the problem got fixed in 11.10 after upgrading from 11.04 I thought I would upgrade to 12.10. Well that was a disaster!

    No video driver!!!! I was locked down to 1024x768 screen size with 4:3 screen resolution on my wide screen. It looks like crap!

    Why do the drivers not work when they worked fine in 12.04?

    Since I couldn't revert back without a full reinstall, I decided to simply restore from a hard drive image I had of 11.10 to make my life easier.

    If I could get 12.04 installed without the lid lockup issue, that would be a perfect solution so if anyone can help me with that issue I would really appreciate it.

    Any other advice would be great too.
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    Re: Problems with Ubuntu 12.x - Computer locks on lid close

    It is probably too late to ask this question since you went back to 11.10, but did you look into the log files if errors were logged before the lock-up?
    What are your hardware specs? From what you write I am guessing that you have been using proprietary graphics drivers from either ATI or nVidia?


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