This morning, (last evening, American time), I posted a link to Stallman's rant on Ubuntu as spyware.

I did this, not to flame or abuse Ubuntu in any way, but to give opportunity for rebuttal and constructive comments from Ubuntu's loyal users.
I believe it is in Canonical's interests to understand what it's users want and/or find distasteful.

The post was promptly shut down.

I find this somewhat like hiding ones head in the sand, as Stallman's comments have found their way throughout the web with little chance for debate.

Ask Ubuntu also closed a post on this subject, ( ), which I find understandable, as it is more of a FAQs site than a discussion forum, (as is our Community Cafe). Both answers to the Ask post gave good rebuttal.

Users should let Canonical know when they see a problem, Where better to discuss this than in the Community Cafe.
Remember fable of the Emperor and his new wardrobe.

Perusing forum policy, I do not understand any violation, nor reason for closing the post, if there is, please explain so I can avoid it in the future.

If I have in anyway insulted a staff member please accept my apology.