I am on Ubuntu 12.04 and I have been working on a custom theme for my Ubuntu installation, and I am stuck on what else to try. I am trying to edit the icons of the "Time & Date", as well as "UbuntuOne". I have edited my custom theme in ~/.icons/, as well as any in /usr/share/. In /usr/share, I checked /icons/, /app-install/, /pixmaps/ and many more places. I cannot find any more instances of the icon, even while searching from the root filesystem. I have tried searching "date", "time", "system", "date-time", "datetime", "time-date", "timedate", "clock", "dt" "d-t", and more combinations.

Here is a copy of the icon in question

I have checked the settings on the application, to check the name of the icon. I searched that too and replaced it. I CANNOT find a copy of the original icon anywhere in the filesystem, and yet, it still exist when I press [Windows Key] and check the list of installed apps. I have tried changing the theme, logging out, and back in, restarting,...

I really do not know what to do next, or what to search. Could someone tell me what the icons for "Time & Date" as well as "UbuntuOne" are called, or directions so that I can change what they look like?
I would REALLY appreciate the help, as this is basically the last thing I need to tweak until my custom theme is 100% finished.